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ScivicRivers_Front_3000x3000 copy.jpg

The self-titled debut album was released February 9, 2023 on all platforms and CD, and is available on CD via Carrboro, North Carolina's own Potluck Foundation. Vinyl edition TBA...

Watch the official music video with lyrics for Shenandoah Granite here

WUNC Music premiered the song and provided some background on the writing of the tune. 

There's more background about the making of the album and the name Scivic Rivers on the About page of this site.  

Find past releases by Brice Randall Bickford at Bandcamp. Coming soon to streaming platforms in the new year. Also coming soon to streaming and Bandcamp, past releases by Brice Randall Bickford under his old stage name The Strugglers. 

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